Ya disponemos on line de un nuevo ejemplar del Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, en este caso, el primer número de 2015. Contribuyeron en él:

– Edward W. Fuller – Garrison on Keynes

– Levi A. Russell and Michael R. Langemeier – Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Evidence from Kansas Agriculture

– Ryan H. Murphy – The Plucking Model, the Great Recession, and Austrian Business Cycle Theory

– Edwin G. Dolan – Austrian Environmental Economics Redux: A Reply to Art Carden and Walter Block

– Edward W. Fuller – The Marginal Efficiency of Capital: Rejoinder

– Lucas M Engelhardt – The Marginal Efficiency of Capital: Reply to Fuller’s Rejoinder

– Patrick Newman – Book Review: The Origins, History, and Future of the Federal Reserve: A Return to Jekyll Island By Michael D. Bordo and William Roberds

– Per L. Bylund – Book Review: Sweden and the Revival of the Capitalist Welfare State By Andreas Bergh

– George Bragues – Book Review: The Forgotten Depression By James Grant

Acceda aquí al ejemplar completo.