Collective intentionality and the state theory of money – by Georgios Papadopoulos

Methodology in Capital in the twenty-first century: a “new-historical” approach to political economy – by Luke Anthony Petach

A welfarist critique of social choice theory: interpersonal comparisons in the theory of voting – by Aki Lehtinen

Book reviews:

Review of William Davies’s

The happiness industry: how the government and big business sold us well-being – by Jeffrey R. Di Leo

Review of Dani Rodrik’s

Economics rules: the rights and wrongs of the dismal science – by Emrah Aydinonat

Review of Marcel Boumans’s

Science outside the laboratory: measurement in field science and economics – by Alessandra Basso

Review of Lawrence A. Boland’s

Model building in economics: its purposes and limitations – by Jaakko Kuorikoski

Recent PhD thesis summaries:

Reconciling normative and behavioural economics – by Guilhem Lecouteux

The world as a garden: a philosophical analysis of natural capital in economics – by Tyler DesRoches

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