We are pleased to announce that an unfinished project of Juan C. Cachanosky has now seen the light. The first issue of a new academic journal, LIBERTAS: SEGUNDA EPOCA, has now been published.

LIBERTAS: SEGUNDA EPOCA is to be published in print (ISSN: 2469-2255) and online (ISSN: 2524-9312) twice a year and will consider high quality academic articles in both, Spanish and English, on economic, ethical, law, political science, history of thought, and any topic related to classical liberalism. Submitted articles go through a double-blind peer review and should be written to be understandable to an interdisciplinary audience.

Dr. Wenceslao Gimenez Bonet serves as the Executive Editor, and Adrian Ravier and Nicolas Cachanosky as Co-Editors. The journal is also a project of CAL (Club de Académicos Liberales or Club of Classic Liberal Academics) and their members serve as the Editorial Board of the journal.

LIBERTAS: SEGUNDA EPOCA is open-access and the CAL agreed to publish this journal in memory of Juan C. Cachanosky, who oversaw the first issue almost to its completion. He is recognized as the founding and honorary editor of LIBERTAS: SEGUNDA EPOCA.

The CAL expects that this issue will prolong the memory of Juan C. Cachanosky and increase the interest and understanding of classical liberalism across social sciences disciplines.

Dr. Wenceslao Gimenez Bonet

Dr. Adrian O. Ravier

Dr. Nicolas Cachanosky