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Sebastian Edwards – Gold, the Brains Trust, and Roosevelt

Nicola Giocoli – The (Rail)Road to Lochner: Reproduction Cost and the Gilded Age Controversy over Rate Regulation

Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay – Musgrave, Samuelson, and the Crystallization of the Standard Rationale for Public Good

José M. Menudo and Nicolas Rieucau – A Previously Unpublished Correspondence between Adam Smith and Joseph Nicolas de Windischgrät

Neri Salvadori and Rodolfo Signorino – Is Food Self-Sufficiency Conducive to Long-Term Growth? An Assessment of Malthus (1803) on the International Corn Trade

Danilo Freitas Ramalho da Silva – Lucas’s Research in the Late 1960s and the Natural Rate of Unemployment

Book Review

Roberto Baranzini – Léon Walras, Elements of Theoretical Economics or the Theory of Social Wealth